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Welcome to Katy’s Kid Corner! Here you’ll find teaching resources, sensory play recipes, kid activities and all things kids.

Welcome To Katy’s Kid Corner!

I’m Katy, the author behind Katy’s Kid Corner.

I taught 3rd grade for four years and 2nd grade for three years. Now, I stay home with my four little kids.

I love to create fun activities for my kids. I also love to make resources so teaching is easier for you. I’m so glad you’re here!

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Here are a bunch of amazing resources for teachers. I know they’ll help you in your classroom!

puns and jokes

I’ve written tons of posts about puns and jokes. They’ll make you laugh so hard!

sensory Play Recipes

I LOVE setting up sensory activities for my kids to play. Here are the links to a bunch of recipes with ingredients you probably have in your pantry.

Looking For Something?

There are so many great things for you here at Katy’s Kid Corner! Just search for what you’re looking for here.

Spelling Lists

Here are spelling lists for all the words you’ll need this year!

Things for kids

Here are other posts that are guaranteed to help you and your kids!

Parenting tips

Here are parenting tips that will help you so much!

recipes and Food Questions

Here are some of my favorite recipes! I’ve also written posts answering a lot of food questions.